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Making hats is good for health!

Before reflecting a social status, head-wear was intended to protect its carryier. Knowing that more than 70 % of body's temparature is lost thru the very highest point of the skull, the simple fact of covering it was to reduce notably the loss of heath, and consequently reduce risks of colds, sinusitis and other illnesses due to cold. Also Ideal against rain and humidity, it will, in Sommer, be the most efficient protection against UV's and Sun-Rays.

What is less known, is that a hat also protect its carryier against other inconveniences, not yet well measurable, caused by incomparable human intellignece

So to say hat is offen synonym of longevity and enables its wearer to pass above life vississitudes with great style.

As a proof, lets present late Mrs. Studer, 3rd. generation of a hatters family, active in Uster, Canton of Zürich since teh 1840's. At the age of 94, she decided to refresh her well-known shop, repainting it entirely by herself (with the aid of two youger painters). At this point, one has to say that she had decided long time ago, to keep active in selling hats till her 100'anniversary !

Which she did ! Living and working till the age of 100, worth a guiness book record. Hat wearing, hat selling, and above all passion for hats did help a bit ...

In hommage to the Hat-Lady from Uster, the museum presents the ancient working-place she used to use.

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